Thoughts run free. But when they gel together in our ateliers to form exciting new ideas, things start happening and unique solutions for your very own place of refuge are born. The Solution Library attests to the way in which visionary ideas and authentic craftsmanship have been married together to create a ground-breaking style of library architecture exuding a striking, distinct design and timeless elegance. Its impressive features are the state-of-the-art emphasis on horizontal design, the flush appearance of the front edges and of the completely open look of the door system and also the way that the fittings necessary for its construction dissolve into invisibility. Sliding shelves and sliding doors make up the eye-catching highlights, which at the same time offer a great deal of storage space and allow all kinds of items to be hidden from view. Another striking feature is the pull-out compartments which, incidentally, can be fitted with internal drawers.

Top-quality materials and a system elaborated and perfected down to the very last detail lay the cornerstone for the fashioning of a wealth of imaginative constellations. Whether it is a small bookcase or an extensive multifunctional, multimedia solution, whatever kind of interior design you wish to achieve, the Solution Library can make that wish come true.


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